Saturday, November 23, 2013

Like a Broken Vessel

To readers who may not share in our faith, 

I've pondered much today on the words recently spoken to us by leaders from our church.  I won't say that they're the only inspired men and women in this world, as I've come to see that much inspiration can come from heavenly messengers from all walks of life.  But a man by the name of Jeffrey R. Holland recently spoke upon the topic of depression and it really tugged at some heartstrings I didn't know existed.

The counsel he offers and comfort his words bring, ring too true to a healing heart such as mine.  Too true for me not share with you:

I have often felt like a broken vessel myself.  I know who I am but am quick to forget what my purpose and mission in life is.  Losing sight of that and worse, forgetting where we came from and how important our very soul is, can make anyone feel broken and worthless.  The times we live in are hard.  But we must press forward with hope and faith that the ultimate healer will meet us wherever we fall short.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Possibile Solutions for Two very Real Ailments

Anxiety and Depression.  Today, I just want to say: It's Real.  I believe it happens to all of us sooner or later.  And the havoc it wreaks on our emotional state and immune function is also very real.

I want to take a moment to share my experience.  Eating right and exercising can be great for this.  But sometimes, even after all you can do, getting some help in the form of a good whole food supplement and some counseling, can be a life saver.  The reason why so many see improvement in their conditions from using prescription drugs is because they're typically made of chemical constituents synthetically copied from plants to create a substance that will manage a symptom.  But natures compounds come with so much more than just one isolated constituent.  And the nice thing about a whole food supplement is that it doesn't come with the side effects that most medicines have.  

1.  My experience with synthetic supplementation has somehow always made me feel sicker.  I especially noticed this every time I was pregnant.  The moment I began taking a supplement, I would get sick.  And I mean, really, REALLY sick.  SO sick, in fact, that I came to believe that I would be fine without a supplement if I practiced a lot of healthy eating habits, which was what I did the day I decided to stray from supplements for good.  Silly me.  Don't get me wrong.  Good eating habits throughout pregnancy is very beneficial and helped me a ton.  But we're human.  We make errors here and there and when we fall short, or out of balance in any area, a good supplement can really go a long way, and yes, there is a big difference between a synthetically manufactured supplement and one made entirely of whole food products.  All I want to express today is that a good supplement can really fill in the gaps. Nutritionally, hormonally, and this therefore increases your immune system's ability to function properly.  Think about it.  If it takes only one vitamin or mineral deficiency to throw off the delicate balance of our bodies, then a good dose of the thing we're most deficient in would very easily rectify almost anything.  Even though I've known and used doTerra essential oils for over two years now, it has taken me a while to really be true to using the Life Long Vitality pack (LLV) which has been so helpful for my mood swings and energy levels.  Just ask my husband.  He'll testify to that.  Sometimes I forget to take it, and my poor husband knows instantly that I haven't been taking my Life Long Vitality.  When I remember to take it, I typically feel more at peace and so much less fatigued.

I'm ever so grateful for the LLV and for all that doTerra continues to educate me about how to take care of my emotional health as well.  Every day, I seem to learn something new.  

2.  Counseling.  Whether it's psychiatric help, marriage counseling, single adult counseling, energy release healing, muscle testing for emotional blocks, aura personalities, repeating positive affirmations with someone, bishops, pastors, etc., Just DO it.  It's not scary.  You don't have to feel like a crazy person for getting it.  It's amazing what you can learn about yourself through someone else's eyes.  It's amazing how much of our everyday stresses can be cleared by a pair of listening and caring ears.  I've experienced many forms of counseling now and swear by it.  Without it, I would be a mess.  These trained professionals have been trained because they care to help people.  Why not let them do what they long to do?  Why not at least try it?  In very simple terms: Give Counseling a Chance.  You'd be amazed to find how much better anxiety and depression can be fixed with good counseling than with a little pill.  People don't need to be sedated.  They need to be heard and touched.  Trust me.  I was a very suicidal person a few years ago.  The emotional baggage I carried with me needed to be released and all I needed was a person to help facilitate the process.  We all need great mentors and counselors.  Sometimes they will come in the form of caring family members or friends.  But at other times, it is best to reach out to those who can offer us a little bit more of themselves and their time.  

My simple recommendation for anyone dealing with anxiety and depression is this: If you haven't sought out a good supplement and/or counseling, DO it today.

I also intend to touch on the subject of using Balance oil in my next post.  Stay tuned.

Any other suggestions for overcoming anxiety/depression naturally?  Please share what has worked for you below.  

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