Saturday, November 23, 2013

Like a Broken Vessel

To readers who may not share in our faith, 

I've pondered much today on the words recently spoken to us by leaders from our church.  I won't say that they're the only inspired men and women in this world, as I've come to see that much inspiration can come from heavenly messengers from all walks of life.  But a man by the name of Jeffrey R. Holland recently spoke upon the topic of depression and it really tugged at some heartstrings I didn't know existed.

The counsel he offers and comfort his words bring, ring too true to a healing heart such as mine.  Too true for me not share with you:

I have often felt like a broken vessel myself.  I know who I am but am quick to forget what my purpose and mission in life is.  Losing sight of that and worse, forgetting where we came from and how important our very soul is, can make anyone feel broken and worthless.  The times we live in are hard.  But we must press forward with hope and faith that the ultimate healer will meet us wherever we fall short.  

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